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Ntokoto Technology Group strives to provide high quality, integrated and innovative solutions to our clients through mastering the latest technology, best practices and recognized industry standards. Through our knowledge and significant experience in data services, we add value to our client’s operations and build long term relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Business Intelligence

The Business interact with the data for planning, analytical, collaborative and reporting purpose. The presentation layer can be in any tool chosen by the organization as the reporting tool, visualization tool, collaborative too or performance management for the organization. Combination of tools that can meet the business requirements better are available on the market range from Cognos,SAS, SAP Business Objects, Qlikview, Tableau, PowerBI etc.

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Data Strategy & Architecture

The architectures of the data services platforms are structured differently and differ from organization to organization ranging from Data Lake, Data Warehouse, Enterprise Content and Document Management supporting the Business Objective through Business Inteligence, Analytics and Visualization for Inights, Reporting, Collaboration and Performance Management. Depending on the business requirements, we drive our consultation to meet our clients' expectations.

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Data Quality Engineering (Testing)

With the big data implementations, come the bigger challenge that organizations and companies cannot afford to overlook anymore within Data Services which is quality engineering or testing. By ignoring the testing requirements, business objective will surfer resulting in huge failures. Through above 20 years of experience by its founding members, Ntokoto Technology Group has acquired the necessary skills and knowledge on data testing within DevOps/DataOps though automated testing tools processing big data from multiple sources both structured and unstructured.

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Managed Services

Managed services is widely acknowledged as the best model to adopt for technology outsourcing if you have a long term outlook. Widely tipped as the holy grail of technology outsourcing, the managed services model is an attractive proposition both to vendors as well as the outsourcing organization.

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About Us

Ntokoto Technology Group (Pty) Ltd is an ICT company founded with the sole purpose of delivering tailored and innovative IT and telecommunications services that help organizations leverage technology, communications and people... read more

Our Difference

Our company is managed and structured to achieve trustworthy and effective results, even to the most challenging client requirements. This, we believe, forms the foundation for mutually beneficial results, long-term partnerships and will ensure that we reach our goal of adding value to our client's processes.

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